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  • Explore the voices of Nigerian teachers

  • Coping with Educational Challenges During COVID-19 in Kenya

    My name is Mr. Robert Simiyu currently teaching Chemistry and Mathematics at MOI Girls Highschool Eldoret. I developed an interest in teaching while I was in primary school. I joined Kenyatta University in 2004 due to my good performance in high school. I pursued a Bachelor of Education with specialization in science. I graduated with a First class honors degree from the university.

  • Important Teaching Strategies 21st Century Educators Should Have in Today’s Classroom

    Please introduce yourself and your experiences in the academic field.
    Shenouda Fahmy worked in the education field since the year 2000 working as a middle and high school teacher with postgraduate studies in the teaching methods in Math from Ain Shams University. I wrote for a while in al-Ahram Newspaper in the department of education and I have a YouTube channel with the main goal to explain the mathematics curriculum for all grades.

  • Conseils et instructions pour étudier durant le mois de Ramadan

    L’enseignement au mois sacré de Ramadan, connait-il des changements?
    Effectivement, durant ce mois sacré les habitudes nutritionnelles et sociales changent du coup cela impacte directement le système éducatif spécialement cette année à cause de la crise sanitaire du Corona ,le Maroc a adopté le régime hybride aux écoles (50% présentiel/50% à distance) pour pouvoir appliquer le protocole sanitaire contre le Covid19

  • Set Yourself up for Success in ACT, SAT, and AP Tests

    Dr. Ahmed, introduce yourself and your educational experience to our readers.
    I am Dr. Ahmed Ghaleb Bani Yassin I have Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree and a PhD in mathematics and methodology.
    I work as an educational supervisor and mathematics teacher at a number of international schools in Jordan.

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