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Set Yourself up for Success in ACT, SAT, and AP Tests


Set Yourself up for Success in ACT, SAT, and AP Tests


Dr. Ahmed, introduce yourself and your educational experience to our readers.

I am Dr. Ahmed Ghaleb Bani Yassin I have Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree and a PhD in mathematics and methodology.
I work as an educational supervisor and mathematics teacher at a number of international schools in Jordan.


How do students benefit from summer vacations in order to qualify for SAT, ACT and AP tests?

Most students must try to make use of their spare time during the summer holidays to prepare for the international exams by attending morning classes with relevant reputable academies that provide such training.


 How to keep the students motivated to learn during summer vacation especially that students tend to be less motivated to study?

One of the most important features of learning during summer vacation is that the student has a great free time, thus allocating little time from him/her to learn compared to the
time spent during the school year would be very useful. The experience of the teacher and the engaging methods undoubtedly increase students’ motivation for learning.


What skills can students acquire when attending or enrolling in the ACT, SAT and AP Private training to enhance their educational abilities?

What helps students acquire the targeted skill successfully during the trainings is the limited number of participants that enable the teacher to give more focus on each student and the most noticeable skill acquired is the time management and the skill of using CASIO calculator.


For students who are unable to attend qualifying programs due to time constraints or physical inability, what guidance do you recommend to make the most of SAT, ACT and AP tests?

Many websites and YouTube channels have great and pretty much useful content and free explanation lessons for all the tests, and they are available at any time. We encourage our students to practice as many sample questions and try a Full-length test.[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”Download FREE Practice Test from Here” style=”custom” custom_background=”#fec731″ custom_text=”#666666″ size=”btn-md” align=”center” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fcasiocalculators-mea.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2021%2F06%2Fsat-practice-test-11.pdf” el_class=”linkSec”][vc_column_text]What is the most appealing teaching method for students from your point of view?

Opening discussions with my students and teaching from the heart to the heart. The key is to move away from the lecturing method (one-sided) in education to the use of technology to engage students in the Educational Process.


Is CASIO calculators helping your students during the education process, and is it contributing positively to acquiring new mathematic skills?

Yes, of course, CASIO calculators are characterized by simplicity, ease of use, and efficiency, and not to mention the useful functions such as solving equations, matrices, statistics, and many more. The fx-991EX for example has been used in my book and has helped many of my students solve problems with ease.


 In addition to the Preparatory books, there is a noticeable high demand for supportive booklets for the International examinations. What is the role of these booklets in developing students’ Mathematical skills?

These booklets summarize the information necessary compared to the books which contain hundreds of pages. They present the information in a clear and direct way which shortens the effort and time of the student.


What challenges do students face in understanding Mathematical skills in general?

One of the most important challenges for students in understanding Mathematical skills is the psychological aspect of students, as many students believe that mathematic is difficult to understand. Also, a poor foundation in basic mathematics can be a challenge for the student.


 Are special lesson programs used by only “low-achieving” students?

Of course not, as high-achieving students also need special education programs that suit their attainment level and increase their competence.


What is society’s view of the students taking turns on special lesson programs?

Nowadays, I expect that the view of society is different, as there are many reasons why most rely on such programs due to the lack of knowledge. And the busy schedule of both parents.


 How are students assessed and revealed to have some skill?

This is done during all stages of learning, where I depend on the method of observation and interviews which is done before the skill is acquired. And for sure, we also depend on all kinds of tests and finally the final evaluation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]