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Important Teaching Strategies 21st Century Educators Should Have in Today’s Classroom


Important Teaching Strategies 21st Century Educators Should Have in Today’s Classroom


Please introduce yourself and your experiences in the academic field.

Shenouda Fahmy worked in the education field since the year 2000 working as a middle and high school teacher with postgraduate studies in the teaching methods in Math from Ain Shams University. I wrote for a while in al-Ahram Newspaper in the department of education and I have a YouTube channel with the main goal to explain the mathematics curriculum for all grades.


There have been many changes in the educational field in the 21st century. What are the modern teaching methods you can share with us?

The best methods of education from my point of view are those that address all senses, using modern technology, storytelling, and learning using activities.  Learning by mixing static information like Mathematics with historical aspects of science. This can be explained by getting deeper into the details on how the scientists reached this rule and through the passion for science and knowledge discoveries have been made and there is always room for creativity.


How a teacher prepares his students for high-level education.

First, the teacher is informed of his students using different examples to address the topic traditionally and modern ways to make students feel the difference and their attraction to development and rapid response to it.

Especially when it comes to explaining a concept that is simply difficult for students to fully understand, then we integrate science with engineering and technology to present the idea more simply and realistically.


In mathematics, what is a learning strategy that is most beneficial to students’ achievement? 

In the light of the challenge of the pandemic, distance learning has become an urgent necessity that the teacher must master and to be able to convince the student and everyone must know that learning remotely or learning online baba starts when students start to learn continuously and anyone can learn anything anywhere and anytime.

When talking about project-based learning (PBL)we convert concepts (whether in mathematics or science) into practical ideas and use them in the work of an engineering project (such as building a bridge of simple tools) and from this project the student uses more than one scientific concept he learned previously to apply in the construction of the bridge (e.g. calculating the strength of the bridge and the weight it carries, the shape of the bridge that gives the most powerful, the longest instruments that bind them, the angles between the straight pieces to give the best performance, … And so on).

Thus, project-based learning is that it harvests everything the student has learned and puts it in one place, thus inferring the importance of what he has learned to serve him in his working life.


What is the importance of the calculator in mathematics? And what is the useful function for students?

The calculator is a good tool for students to speed up the learning process by finding the process, and with the development of calculators the curriculum makers have a strong challenge which is to develop exams and curriculum in a way that addresses understanding and not preservation so that the student can use the machine

taking steps within the issue and not solving the whole issue the authors of the curriculum must develop the methods of questions


How the current conditions of distance learning and the epidemic have affected the teaching methodology and teaching aids used.

My answer to this question may be strange but the current circumstances encouraged the unique teachers to be more creative and to invent new ways to complete his/her role to the fullest. This made the teacher in a constant need to keep on learning.

As for me, as a teacher, I called several years ago on some television programs the necessity of online learning and electronic learning as a method by which we learn continuously, and now and after the experience of distance learning, as some see it, is not a method we try to use as an alternative to learning on the ground. A very big mistake that others fall into. From my point of view, online education is to provide educational quality that depends on programs and methods to improve education in order to reach ten times more quality than regular education, but it needs the teacher to learn methods, mastery, and find quick solutions to his problems. If an ordinary teacher is a car driver, an online teacher, a speedy plane driver.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of E-learning and tablets?

The only drawback is the difficulty in connecting to the internet of internet and tablets lack updated software and applications. It must contain different programs and applications for all material.

We are waiting for the large companies to be able to provide such hardware to be able to cope with the updates in the educational field.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]