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Model School Project in Nigeria

This study, conducted in Lagos state, aimed to investigate the influence of scientific calculators on high school students’ learning outcomes in mathematics .A quasi-experimental research design was employed, involving two distinct groups:

  • Experimental group: 92 students using calculators
  • Control group: 89 students without calculators

Both groups focused on the study of logarithm and its applications, with the experimental group utilizing scientific calculators. Data was collected using five evaluative instruments and analyzed through descriptive and inferential statistics.

Key findings from the study include:

  • A significant difference in favor of students who used calculators was observed for most test questions in the assessments.
  • No notable difference was detected in the pre-attitude towards mathematics between the two groups.
  • A substantial difference in post-attitudes towards mathematics was identified, favoring the calculator-using group.

In conclusion, the use of scientific calculators in activity-based mathematics instruction has been shown to positively impact students’ achievements and attitudes towards mathematics. These findings offer valuable insights for educators in developing strategies to support struggling learners.