CASIO fx-991CW

The new ClassWiz CW Series is designed for the teaching and studying of today. With its new design and key placement, it can be used by anyone. Includes MathBox, a fun math learning feature. Links up with to support ICT classes. These features help to boost students’ curiosity toward math learning.

Approachable Design

  • High-definition & 4-gradation display: The new display provides clear visibility with four-tone screen, including gray, for easy identification of entered data.
  • Simple Cursor Operation and Layout: The addition of ‘OK’ and ‘Back’ keys in a streamlined layout makes operation intuitive and minimizes confusion.
  • Easy-Push Keys: The convex and rounded key faces allow for easy and even pushing from any angle.
  • Easy-to-Understand Key Labeling: The labeling around the keys has been simplified, making it easier to locate frequently used keys.


Easy and Intuitive Operability:

  • Quick Function Selection: The use of icons enables quick and easy selection of desired functions.
  • Visual and Interactive Displays: The calculator features textbook-based displays that enhance operability and facilitate teaching mathematics effectively.


Variety of Functions and Features:

  • Essential Functions: The calculator offers a wide range of essential functions that are effective for educational purposes and support students’ learning.


Inspire Students to Learn:

  • Deepen Understanding: The ClassWiz calculator is designed to be more than just a calculation tool. It includes features that help deepen students’ understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Math Box and Spreadsheet: The Math Box and Spreadsheet functions aid in learning math by providing interactive tools for students.
  • Integration with Casio’s Online Visualization Service:
  • Compatibility with The calculator integrates with, an online service for classrooms equipped with ICT tools, enhancing its functionality.
  • QR Code Scanning: QR codes displayed on the calculator screen can be scanned to access
  • Graph Display on Smart Devices: Equations input into the calculator can generate QR codes, allowing graphs and other information to be displayed on smartphones or tablets.
  • Visualization and Analysis: enables the display of graphs and facilitates various visual analyses.


Quality Authenticity:

  • Excellent Quality: The ClassWiz calculator ensures high-quality construction and performance.
  • Authentication: It meets the necessary standards and requirements, providing confidence and peace of mind for its use in educational settings.

Here's how you can emulate the CASIO fx-991CW calculator on your computer.